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CMLA Mortgage Leadership Program (MLP)

The CMLA Mortgage Leadership Program is dedicated to identifying and cultivating the next generation of industry leaders. This year we have completely revamped and reimagined the program to provide participants with hands-on executive-level training sessions designed to give you the skills needed to move to the next leadership level in your career, and will include all aspects of leadership skills. Some of the skills we will cover in the sessions include goal setting, personality profiles, company culture, how to have difficult conversations with your team, public speaking, relationship building, presentation skills, and networking skills.

We have also expanded the program to run from December 2024 through October 2025, culminating in the Annual CMLA Convention! We will also be offering this program in a hybrid format so members from Colorado will be able to participate.





Included in the CMLA Mortgage Leadership Program:

CMLA Background - How can you participate and make a difference in CMLA? Learn what committees and programs are available, what networking opportunities are planned, and what additional education offerings you can take advantage of.

Leadership Forum - Be a guest at a session of the CMLA Mortgage Leadership Forum and learn valuable leadership skills that can be utilized in a variety of positions within the mortgage industry.

Board of Directors Meeting - Get to know the decision-makers of the CMLA. Attend a Board of Directors meeting and see how ideas are formed and plans are made for our membership.

CMLA Lenders Rally - Formerly the CMLA Mortgage Expo, this event is a gathering of professionals in the mortgage industry for a day of collaboration, networking, education sessions, and product showcases.

CMLA's Advocacy Efforts - Get an introduction to the CMLA Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee (LARAC) that oversees advocacy efforts at the CO State Capitol. See the legislative process up close at CMLA Capitol Day for a hands-on experience with Colorado legislators.

Industry Performance Update - Get a bird’s eye view of the industry from a national and local perspective.

Community Outreach - You'll have the opportunity to pick a charitable cause and plan a "CMLA Community Day" for all members of CMLA to participate in.

Group Project - You will work as a team to collaborate and solve a current industry-related problem. This project will be presented to the Board of Directors and a winning team will be chosen.

CMLA Convention - This annual 3-day industry conference takes place in Vail, Colorado and features a plethora of networking opportunities with CMLA’s executive members, education sessions, and speakers.


2024-2025 MLP Agenda

  • Kick Off Meeting - Intro to class; Review of Expectations & Schedule
  • Session: What is Leadership?
  • Session: Goal Setting and Measurement to yourself and your team
  • Session: MGIC Colors Presentation
  • Event: CMLA Holiday Party
  • Session: Company Culture
  • Event: Combined Forum
  • Event: CMLA Day at the Capital
  • Event: Leadership Forum
  • Session: How to Have Difficult Conversations with Your Team
  • Event: NextGen Social
  • Session: Public Speaking, Relationship Building, and Presentation Skills
  • Event: Community Service Day for all of CMLA Members
  • Event: CMLA Lenders Rally
  • Event: Industry Update Panel
  • Session: Group Project Topic
  • Event: May 21: Speed Networking Event with different CMLA Committee Leaders
  • Session: Group Project Work Day
  • Event: Combined Forum
  • Session: Group Project Work Day
  • Event: Group Presentations at the CMLA Board of Directors Meeting
  • Event: CMLA Convention



Program Pricing

Price per student: $1200


  • All sessions
  • Program materials
  • 2024 CMLA Holiday Party
  • 2025 CMLA Lenders Rally
  • 2025 CMLA Convention