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Why Join CMLA?

Being a member of CMLA includes many benefits.

Why Join CMLA?

Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association has been the "Go-To" organization for the mortgage lending industry in Colorado since 1956.

  • Strong membership base
  • Industry leadership within CMLA ranks
  • Functional long-term relationships with governing regulatory agencies
  • Committed leadership from the Board of GovernorsBoard of Directors and Former Chairman's Circle
  • Recognition as a leading voice of the industry throughout Colorado and nationally


How Do I Join CMLA?


  1. Determine the annual dues tier your organization falls into based on the chart below
  2. Apply for Membership by completing the CMLA Membership Application
  3. Submit your online application
    (Applicants are provided temporary access to member benefits during the application process)
  4. Process payment for invoice sent by CMLA's staff.
  5. Applicants will be presented to CMLA's Board of Directors for approval and notified of their decision
  6. Upon approval, new members will receive additional membership information by email


Membership Dues


Membership Tiers and Dues Amount

L1 - Lender Production/Servicing ($4B +) - $9000.00

L2 - Lender Production/Servicing ($2B-$4B) - $7000.00

L3 - Lender Production/Servicing ($1B-$2B) - $5000.00

L4 - Lender Production/Servicing ($500M-$1B) - $4000.00

L5 - Lender Production/Servicing ($100M-$500M) - $3000.00

L6 - Lender Production/Servicing ($25M-$100M) - $2000.00

L7 - Lender Production/Servicing ($10M-$25M) - $1000.00

L8 - Lender Production/Servicing ($0-$10M) - $500.00

A1 - Affiliate - Mortgage Service Provider - $1500.00

A2 - Affiliate - General Service Provider - $1000.00

G1 - Government Agency (Fed/State) or State Housing Authority - $1000.00

G2 - Government Agency (Mun/County) or Mun/County Housing Authority - $100.00

N1 - Non-Profit - $100.00

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CMLA Frontline Club

Each year we reward the companies that verify their CMLA membership early. Doing so add your company to the CMLA Frontline Club.

Frontline Club benefits include:

  • A full year of CMLA marketing: your company name/logo will be published on CMLA's website and CMLA email marketing throughout 2022
  • 2 complimentary Expo Only Passes to the 2022 CMLA Mortgage Expo
  • Exclusive happy hour event at the 2022 CMLA Convention in August

The following companies have verified their membership early and joined the CMLA Frontline Club.
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