CMB Society


"The Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) designation is the industry standard of professional success. It symbolizes respect, credibility, ethics and achievement within real estate finance. Earning a CMB instantly places you at the top of our dynamic industry and makes you a part of the elite group that has achieved the highest level of professional success." MBA

CMB Society of Colorado Mission Statement

The mission of the Colorado CMB Society is to foster and represent professional excellence through fellowship and the mentorship and sponsorship of CMB candidates using education, preparation and industry expertise while leading by example, the hallmark of the Certified Mortgage Banker.

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  • To promote greater awareness of the CMB designation and to promote membership in the National CMB Society
  • To encourage qualified individuals to pursue the CMB designation
  • To provide more opportunity for prospective CMBs to learn what it means to be a CMB
  • To provide mentors and sponsors for CMB candidates
  • To provide a networking opportunity for CMBs in Colorado to meet, exchange knowledge and ideas
  • To educate ourselves on national and local issues affecting our industry
  • To influence positive change at the state and national level
  • To encourage and enhance networking relationships in Colorado


Membership in the Certified Mortgage Bankers Society of Colorado is divided into two categories:

  • Regular CMB Membership: Both active and inactive members who have achieved the CMB designation and regular members who have full rights and privileges of membership which entitle them to nominate CMB leadership, hold CMB leadership positions, proctor examinations and perform other CMB duties as appropriate. This membership shall have no additional dues.
  • CMB Candidates: CMB Candidate enrollees will be allowed to attend certain functions and activities without the privileges of full membership as approved by the CMB Chairperson. This membership shall have no additional dues.


Terry Aiken

Terry Aikin

CMB Society Chair


Jason Sasena

Jason Sasena

CMB Society Vice-Chair
Westerra Credit Union