Clair A. “Bus” Bacon Award
Founded 1974
Presented annually to the outgoing President of the Association and is awarded in grateful recognition of the efforts and commitment it takes to serve as President of the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association.

Mortgage Bankers Association of America National President 1968

Mr. Bacon was born in Nebraska in 1917. Later his family moved to Leadville and ultimately to Denver. He was a graduate of East High School and the University of Denver. He played football and was All Conference and team captain. He is remembered for putting two hard tackles on Byron “Whizzer” White in the annual match with CU. The future Rhodes Scholar and Supreme Court Justice was stopped cold both times and lost the ball on downs. Bus and Mr. Justice White remained lifelong friends and fishing companions.

Mr. Bacon began his mortgage career at Columbia Savings. He later moved on to be a loan originator for The Title Guaranty Company. In 1953 Axel Nielsen separated the mortgage operation from the title operation and founded The Mortgage Investment Company. Mr. Bacon moved over to head this new company.

He served as the first elected president of Denver Mortgage Bankers Association in 1956. In addition he served on the Board of Governors of the Mortgage Bankers Association, the Executive Committee and a member of the Mortgage Bankers Legion and honorary fraternity of MBA leaders.

In the community he co chaired the Community Chest/ United Way Campaign with Governor Stephen McNichols. He was active alumni with the University of Denver and founded the Pioneer Club, an organization devoted to providing financial help and support to deserving students.

Award Recipients
Year Name
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2011 Peter H. Lansing
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2009 Julie Piepho, CMB
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1991 Richard L. Solheim
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1988 D.L. "Dutch" Franz
1987 Lee Heinz
1986 E. Michael Rosser
1985 Stephen G. Wagner
1984 Michael W. Lubchenco
1983 M.C. Iverson
1982 A. Bruce Bowler
1981 Robin Benight
1980 Robert B. Ferguson, Jr.
1979 T.K. Jones
1978 Donald E. Crossland
1977 Alvin M. Krutsch
1976 Zelie Berenbaum
1975 W. Dean Goodman
1974 W. Dean Goodman