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Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA)

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Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA)


The Mortgage Action Alliance® is the premier grassroots lobbying organization representing the entire real estate finance industry. Affiliated with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), MAA enables you to speak directly with your members of Congress, state legislators and federal regulators about the impact of proposed legislation or regulations on your business.

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HOW Does MAA Work?

MAA IS FREE, nonpartisan, and open to all professionals who work in the real estate finance industry! When an  industry related issue hits a critical point (e.g.: a vote taking place) in Washington or in your state, you will receive a “Call to Action.” To respond to this action, click the link in your "Call to Action” email which will then send a pre-drafted email stating the industry’s position to your elected officials.

When you and thousands of other MAA members communicate in a unified voice, we not only educate policymakers on the industry, but also achieve our legislative and regulatory priorities. Participation is Free, Easy, Quick… And Makes a Difference!

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All members are required to re-register annually to retain full member privileges. We will notify you to renew your membership prior to its lapse. By becoming a member, you consent to receive emails and other communications concerning the Alliance’s advocacy issues.

MAA Campaign Kit

MAA Campaign Kit

“MAA is our one vehicle to create a groundswell of response when something critical is happening in Washington. It’s the only way we can put collective pressure on Congress to do the right thing for mortgage finance when it is most important.”

— David H. Stevens, President & CEO, Mortgage Bankers Association.