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Why should I join the CMLA? - Post on the Daily Mortgage News Blog

Published: January 21, 2014

Our very own CMLA Executive Director, Jamie Letts, explains member benefits and answers the question, "Why should I join the CMLA?"

"When I’m asked, ‘Why should I join the CMLA?’ my immediate response, is, ‘Why wouldn’t you join?’ Because a strong, solid mortgage lending industry is crucial to the strength of America’s economy, any organization/individual that has a vested interest in the success of this industry should be a member.  Belonging to an industry association provides immeasurable benefits, but the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association specifically focuses on three main areas – what we call the ERN principal- Education, Representation and Networking.  Because of the recent changes as a result of the DFA, education is more crucial than ever.  In regards to representation, our full-time lobbyist and Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee work tirelessly on behalf of the industry to ensure companies are not bogged down by rules and regulations that will negatively impact their day to day operations.  Additionally, we provide numerous networking opportunities for members to advance and grow their businesses and develop strong working and personal relationships in a protected, non-recruiting environment.”

"We also give members access to multiple programs encouraging them to be more actively involved in CMLA.  Some of these programs include our Mortgage Forums, which provides opportunities for industry leaders to join together as peers to share ideas and opinions and to work together to understand, discuss and solve issues confronting the mortgage lending industry.  We have a nationally recognized Mortgage Leadership Program, which is dedicated to growing influential leaders through networking, industry knowledge and growth, community service and CMLA involvement. Members are also offered the opportunity to earn the Certified Mortgage Lender designation (CML) which recognizes them to their clients and peers as leaders in the industry. Everything CMLA offers and provides is based on a solid Code of Ethics cannon all new and renewing members are required to sign.  Because CMLA benefits the entire industry- members and non-members alike – again I ask, why wouldn’t you join the CMLA?”

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