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Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association Announces 2015-2016 Scholarship Award Recipients!

Published: October 05, 2015

DENVER, CO - The Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association (CMLA) is pleased to announce our 2015-2016 scholarship award winners. These $5,000 scholarships are available annually to enrolled college students attending Colorado State University or the University of Denver. Each applicant participates in a rigorous application process that includes proving eligibility, providing two letters of recommendation from an educator and / or mortgage banking executive and meeting minimum GPA requirements in order to be considered. Each applicant must also submit a 500 word essay for evaluation by the respective scholarship review committees.

With that in mind, the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association is proud to cite Michael Beaulieu attending Colorado State University and Kaitlyn Hertzog attending the University of Denver as our 2015-2016 award recipients. These funds can be used for any academic related fees such as tuition and/or books and should be treated as a scholarship of additional funds, not simply to “replace” other college funds provided in their respective financial packets.

The purpose of the awards is to enlighten students to the benefits delivered by the mortgage banking industry and to help dispel negative connotations that the recent economic downturn has created.

“The impact of these scholarships will not only benefit the students financially and academically, but all applicants will have the opportunity to interview for internships with CMLA member companies. This provides a conduit for ‘The Next Generation’ workforce,” said CMLA President Tim Harder. “Our members are dedicated to the communities in which they work and welcome the opportunity to give back. What better way to support the families in our state than to help them prepare their children for successful and fulfilling careers.”

“The home finance industry provides many opportunities for new college graduates,” continues Harder. “Shelter is a basic human need and professionals in our industry help make that possible for hundreds of thousands of families across the state. It’s very rewarding to see families achieve the American Dream of homeownership, especially when you know that your service helped make it possible. Our hope is that these scholarships will encourage college students to investigate our industry and to seek out opportunities here when they graduate.”

About the CMLA
The Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association (CMLA) was founded in 1956 as the representative voice of mortgage lending in Colorado. We are classified as a 501(c) 6 Not-for-Profit Trade Association. Since CMLA's inception, our members have accounted for the vast majority of the mortgage lending in Colorado. Members include residential and commercial mortgage banking companies, individual mortgage loan originators, mortgage brokers, wholesale lenders, savings and loan associations, commercial banks, credit unions, government agencies, non-profit organizations and companies that provide affiliated services to mortgage lenders. For more information, visit the website at www.cmla.com.

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