To All Colorado Real Estate Finance Professionals,

On behalf of the Mortgage Bankers Association in Washington, D.C., I am pleased to offer a testimonial on behalf of the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association.  As Chairman of MBA, I am also a member of CMLA and strongly believe that all members of the Colorado real estate finance community need to join together within CMLA on issues that affect our companies, our employees and our customers. 

With our industry facing a large number of new state and federal regulations, the importance of communication and strong relationships with legislators and policymakers cannot be overstated.  CMLA provides that access and facilitates collaborative dialogue.  

However, because the rules governing lenders today are unclear, and at times contradictory, the risk of litigation, indemnification and repurchase leaves the industry in a state of uncertainty, unable to take full advantage of the improving business climate.  The sheer volume and magnitude of regulatory change has created high levels of complexity and a landscape where credit is overly tight. Qualified first-time, low-to-middle-income borrowers are being shut out of the mortgage process altogether.

I have seen firsthand how the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association, in partnership with the Mortgage Bankers Association, has strengthened our collective advocacy efforts, both in Washington, D.C., and Colorado.  Through teamwork, we have brought about positive change in many policy areas such as the Qualified Mortgage rule, National Servicing Standards, and Loan Officer Compensation.

There is much more to come in the next six months and beyond that will further shape the real estate finance industry for generations.  We must work together to effect change in an intelligent and meaningful way.  Being active members of a trade association at both the state and national level amplifies our voices and ensures all of our issues are addressed, from the State House in Denver to the Capitol in Washington. 

Your support of the CMLA and MBA’s advocacy efforts is critical.  In addition, there is huge value in taking advantage of education and networking opportunities. 

With the CMLA and MBA, I look forward to working with you to find solutions that create a better tomorrow for borrowers, our industry, and the economy. 



Debra Still
Chairman, Mortgage Bankers Association
Investing in Communities