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27th Annual Rocky Mountain Mortgage

Luis Benitez

Director or the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

"Discover Your Everest"

Over the course of a decade, Luis Benitez has quietly emerged amongst a growing field of climbers as one of the more experienced, respected and busiest professional guides and leadership development consultants in the world. Throughout his career, Luis has summited the top of the famed “Seven Summits” a cumulative 32 times, including being a six-time summiteer of Mt. Everest.

Between managing expeditions on some of the most remote peaks in the world, while consulting with a deep and varied group of clientele, Benitez works to tie the lessons available from the outdoors and carry them back to the everyday challenges of life and business during his keynote presentations and seminars.

In 1992, Benitez was hired by the well-established leadership development school Outward Bound Professional in Colorado. He initially conducted courses in various mountaineering/climbing/skiing techniques, all with the fundamentals of leadership, communication, and problem solving at the core of the Outward Bound curriculum. To this day Benitez serves as a Board Member for the Colorado Outward Bound School. More recently, Luis served as the COO for Adventure Consultants (AC), a highly respected New Zealand-based expedition firm with a long and storied history of leading trips on Mt. Everest. AC was founded by the legendary guide Rob Hall, whose ultimate peril was heavily documented in the book “Into Thin Air,” and the movie Everest. Benitez has also had the opportunity to climb with the blind athlete Erik Weihenmayer on his historic 2001 Everest summit, chronicled in the feature film “Farther Than the Eye Can See” and also in Erik’s book “Touch the Top of the World”. Benitez has reported from Mt. Everest for ABC-TV News, and has filmed segments for National Geographic on Mt. Everest.

At the heart of his career, Luis has always focused on teaching as well as serving. Some of his most rewarding work has been to help create the nonprofit “Trekking For Kids”, which focuses on service based expeditions allowing participants to climb and trek while teaching them about local issues like housing and healthcare for orphans around the world, as well as Warriors to Summits, a nonprofit focusing on serving returning Veterans by connecting them with the outdoors.

Throughout all of this, Benitez has managed and led programming in Ecuador and Chile for the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Benitez has currently grown to have a deeper investment in public service 1st by serving as a Town Councilman in Eagle, Colorado and now currently serving as the 1st State Director for the Outdoor Recreation Industry office for the State of Colorado.