February Leadership Forum


Relationship Intelligence: Understanding and Developing Your Leadership Superpower

Presented by Steve Roskamp and Jenny Hedrick, Achiles Consulting


Session Information

This workshop will focus on first understanding and then developing your leadership superpower: Relationship Intelligence (RQ). In this new and unique work environment, creating authentic connections with those you lead and within your teams may require a new set of skills. Relationship Intelligence will help you better understand the motivational drivers for yourself and for those around you. That insight will amplify the impact of your leadership as those you lead will feel more fully seen and understood. A new approach to conflict will be also be explored to help you navigate through it in a more productive way. In addition, RQ will offer a better understanding of strengths and a reframing of “weaknesses” to enable you to more effectively coach your direct reports.

The session will be interactive in nature, with both large and small group discussion, and practical exercises designed to challenge you to apply these ideas immediately with those you lead. As your insight develops, the speed of collaboration increases, conflict is kept to a minimum, and you and your team can make better decisions and perform at peak levels of efficiency and productivity.


Speaker Information

Steve Roskamp
Steve Roskamp has a lengthy career as a change facilitator and transformation coach in a variety of settings. He has worked for nearly 3 decades as an outpatient counselor and organizational consultant, while leading one of the largest outpatient counseling centers in his community. After a move to Colorado and a break from the “people” arena, Steve entered the corporate world as a Director of Business and Talent Development for a technology company in Denver. He also established a consulting company, working with industry leaders on leadership, team development, blind spot mitigation, and effective conflict management. As his consulting company grew, he left the technology company to pursue his passion of working with leaders and their teams as an executive coach, team facilitator, and organizational consultant, addressing areas of leadership, culture, communication, and conflict management.

Jenny Hedrick
Jenny Hedrick received her Masters of Social Work degree from Western Michigan University with a focus in interpersonal communication. She spent 15 years working as a therapist, mentor and coach before taking a step back to raise a family. With over 700 hours of group facilitation, Jenny is well-versed in team dynamics and communication, and is a Certified Core Strengths Facilitator. Jenny developed and coordinated an outpatient addictions program at the local mental health hospital, becoming a leader in her field. She not only built the most profitable program at the hospital, but she trained leaders to replicate it in other areas. Jenny is experienced in training development and implementation.


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Cherry Creek Mortgage Company
7600 E Orchard Road
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
United States

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