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2019 CMLA Mortgage Expo
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HMDA 2018-What Will it Reveal About Your Business?
Tammy Butler
Tammy Butler - CEO, Fair Lending Diversity, Inc.
Do you fully understand the effects of the tsunami of data that will soon be accessible to the regulators this year? Pricing Disparity, and Redlining, along with other patterns of discrimination used to be difficult to prove. That all changes with the new data requirements that are required to be reported. This new data will illuminate discriminatory practices at the region, branch and even loan originator level. Join this session to find out how the Regulators, State AGs, and Consumer Advocacy Groups will be using this information, to detect discriminatory patterns of practice that were not easily revealed before and what you can do to prepare and mitigate your risk.

About Tammy

Tammy Butler is a Master CMB, LSS Black Belt is the CEO of Fair Lending Diversity, a Fair Lending Strategy & Training company that assists lenders in fixing Redlining, Disparate Impact, Pricing Disparity and other fair lending issues discovered by their legal counsel, prudential regulators or statistician. As the author of one of the top compliance discussions groups on LinkedIn, industry blog, and frequent contributor to magazines such as Mortgage Compliance Magazine and Mortgage Banking Magazine, Tammy has guided many lenders through all of the new compliance regulations with practical tips and solutions for proper compliance implementation.