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Leadership in a Changing World
Dr. Hans J. Mueh
Dr. Hans J. Mueh, BGen (Ret)
United States Air Force

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About Dr. Mueh

Dr. Mueh was born January 8, 1944, in Celle, Germany, and emigrated to the United States in 1951. He entered the Air Force in 1962 as a member of the Academy’s 8th graduating class, and he graduated with a BS in Chemistry in 1966. He served as an intelligence officer at Tactical Air Command HQ, Langley AFB, Virginia, and in Saigon, Republic of Vietnam, and at Nakhon Phanom RTAB, Thailand, and later as the Special Assistant for Technical Matters at the Defense Intelligence Agency. He returned to the Academy in 1986 and assumed the position of Acting Head, Department of Chemistry, before being selected for his position of Permanent Professor and Head of the Department of Chemistry in 1987. Dr. Mueh was Vice Dean of Faculty, US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, a position he held from July 2002 until August 2004 where he oversaw the annual design and instruction of undergraduate courses for 4,000 cadets annually. Dr. Hans J. Mueh was appointed to the position of Athletic Director 1 August 2004 and led a department of 300 personnel, 27 Div I athletic programs, physical education, physical fitness testing, intramural competition, and the management of over one million square feet of indoor competition space, Falcon Stadium, and over 150 acres of outdoor athletic venues. He competes in golf, racquetball, handball, and tennis, and has promoted Air Force Academy intercollegiate sports throughout his tenure, beginning with work as chairman of the Hockey Eligibility Committee, Golf Team Officer Representative, Football Team Officer Representative, and Faculty Athletics Representative. He sat on the board of the Amateurism Cabinet of the NCAA for seven years after a two-year stint on the NCAA Golf Committee. He was also a member of the Joint Council of the Mountain West Conference. Locally, he has served on the Science Advisory Board of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, the Colorado Consortium for Earth and Space Science Education, the Colorado Springs Sports Corporation, and is currently a board member and Chairman of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Board of Directors and a board member of the Falcon Foundation. He has recently become a member of Mission: Readiness, Council for a Strong America and has presented the case for building youth for a stronger America to The Attorney General of Arizona and staff. He has also presented invited workshops and seminars on “Leadership, What Works and What Doesn’t” to 300 company-grade officers at Tindall AFB and to the ZPower Corporation in California. He is also a graduate of the Colorado Springs Leadership Institute, Class of 2012.