Colorado Mortgage Professionals,

The effective date for the mandatory reporting of at-risk elder abuse required by Senate Bill 111, which was passed last year, is July 1, 2014. SB13-111 was modified somewhat by SB14-098 this year, although the requirements for mandatory reporting and criminal liability for failing to report remain in effect.

Per SB13-111, employees of Financial Institutions are required to report the abuse of at-risk elders (anyone 70 years of age or older) to law enforcement within 24 hours of observation.

The State of Colorado has developed an online training course with quizzes included that takes about a half hour to complete. The course explains what is required, how to report, and the penalty for non-reporting (it is a class 3 misdemeanor). Companies should consider having their Colorado loan officers, LO assistants and their managers, and anyone else who has contact with the public take the training. The training does describe how at-risk elders can be abused through their finances and the training specifically names employees of mortgage companies as mandatory reporters.

Visit the links below to learn about how this legislation impacts your business:

Colorado Mandatory Reporting Online Training Course

The training course provides a certificate of completion that can be printed out for your records.

Colorado Department of Human Services Mandatory Reporting Requirement Website

This page describes the requirements of the law and includes FAQs and a PowerPoint presentation.


The full text of Senate Bill 13-111.


The full text of Senate Bill 14-098.

CMLA Legislative Website

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Terry Jones, CMB, CML
Co-Chair, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee
Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association