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Co Homeownership Coalition

Life can sometimes prove unsteady. Unforeseen medical bills, work layoffs and other catastrophic events can disrupt every day living. When these things happen, a family should not have to worry about the roof over their head. This is why we created the Colorado Homeownership Coalition (CHC). Our homeownership fund provides mortgage assistance to homeowners experiencing a temporary disruption in income to avoid delinquent mortgage payments and ultimately, resume self-sufficiency.

Making a Difference

A united front of housing industry participants, the CHC accepts donations from corporations and individuals and uses those resources in a focused effort to give back to and strengthen the communities who have served our industries so well. Together, we will make a difference in the lives of individuals who live in these communities.

Our Mission

The Colorado Homeownership Coalition assists individuals and families by supporting programs that promote and defend sustainable homeownership in our communities such as the MBA Open Doors and Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP).

Co Homeownership Coalition